by - March 09, 2015

I know it is weird for me to post an entry about my personal life. Thought about to post or not to post for 100 times already. So hello there! I know nobody will answer that.
So pass few months, I had a deep conversation with my brother. I asked him a few questions which I wanna know from guy's perspective. Example: What do u think of me if you're not my brother?
So his answer changed my life for just a month. >v<
He said that I look so cold and hard to approach and stuff which I think yeah maybe it is true. I'm scared of people. I have that kind of phobia. Weird isn't? 
So talk about my personality, my brother asked me to cool down and try to make friends. In just a few weeks, yes, I knew a lot of people.
But, there's always a circumstance in whatever u do. Letting people to know me is not an ordinary thing for me. Because one day they come, and then one day they'll go. 
It started to happen now. I didn't regret taking my brother's advice but it hurts me and brings back the phobia which I try to get rid of.
So, now, I'm building my walls back.
See sometimes what you did, without realising, change other people's life.
I can accept the fact that people may come and go. But why not just stay? Is it so hard for people to do that?
Now, I promised to myself, I won't be that easy anymore. Being nice to the wrong people is not worth it.
That's all for now. Good night and thanks for reading this pointless post.

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