More likely a twin.

by - February 28, 2017

This post will be as cheeky as it is.
It's hard to find a person that can always have your back the intire time. Some left because they get tired of your life issues and some just decided to just be there whenever you are needed. But I can promise you not the whole human beings are like that. God has His own ideas on creating creatures that can actually tolerate us.
And this one can tolerate me a lifetime.
Farah Idayu. A girl born in gap year which her birthday exist once in 4 years. She tolerate me enough til we get to where we are now. More likely twins.
She's been with me the entire times and I can't never be more thankful for this gift from Allah. I can say she is the place for me to go to during storm, sunshine, rainbow. (Beside Allah S.W.T). They said sometimes bestfriends need to think alike, be more like one another. No, we are just mistaken as twins but we are definitely the opposite of each other. She is more positivistic than I am. She's mentally stronger and I'm just physically stronger. That's how bestfriends complimented to each other.
I can say we go through everything together eversince high school. From creating and involving in crimes (not that big) until go separate path to chase dreams.
Dear Farah,
Thank you for bringing me into wonders and glorious technic colours of life. Thank you for deciding to stay by my side throughout everything. Although we are drifted apart now, know that I always miss you and I can't wait to be back. I will always support you and be here for you no matter what. Until our babies can be bestfriends too, InshaAllah. Thank you for the wonderful memories that are worth to tell to me grandchildren. And thank you for promoting me to be "ketua cuci pinggan" and "ketua pegang bunga mangga" on your wedding.
Love you endlessly,
Your twin.

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