Lessons to live up by 21!

by - November 03, 2017

Here's to another blog, after a while.

I've turned 21 this year and alhamdulillah, praises due to the Most High for giving me another chance to be another year older and another year wiser, in God's will. Another birthday being miles away from my family and my loved ones. 

Basically to sum up my 20-years-old journey, it has been a fun ride for me. As all of you might know, I've decided to continue my study in the UK in September 2016. I did not post any entry for my 20th Birthday, but I do posted some "mini-blog-entry" on my Instagram page. 

How do I start? 

Moving to a new place has already been a tough challenge for me as I've never been separated from my family. Growing up being afraid of crowd & meeting new people, having low self confidence and high anxiety, that's another challenge for me to go through. So, a whole lot of my 20's is basically trying to improve myself and tick off these challenges on the list. Alhamdulillah (Praises due to the Most High), God has been with me through everything and He guides me in every path that I take. 

"As for those who accept guidance, He increase their guidance and bestows on them their piety."

[Quran 47:17]

Throughout my 20-years-old-journey, I have met and surrounded myself with a lot of incredible people that never stop making me feel blessed. As soon as I get to know them, I know in my heart that these people are worth fighting for and worth to keep. Because they literally make Portsmouth feels a lot more like home. How do I know that? I literally cried on my way back to Malaysia because I didn't want to leave Portsmouth during summertime. Like how pathetic is that? That's so bizarre of me. And for that, I am thankful.

Being away from your family develop massive longing, thus I have spent my summer break just focusing on spending time with my family. I've never felt any closer to them than that. I do felt sorry for some people that I didn't get the chance to meet when I was back, but that's how I prioritise people in my life. No matter what happens, I always put my family first, after Allah the Most High.

Then, I came back to UK to continue my semester and again, the challenge list is up. Few of my friends are gone to pursue their studies in respective courses, and that's when I know, I have to meet new people again. God knows how awful my first few weeks in university. With to have gone through some hardship seeing each of my friends leaving and changing, that has been the toughest part as I have this fear of watching people change and leave. I remember shutting down all my networks, just laid on my bed in my blanket and put myself to sleep in tears.

Portsmouth is a place with less Malaysian, so the chance of you getting Malaysian in the same course as yours is pretty low. With me being a Muslim, wearing hijab has been a distinct image for the people here to not get near me? But, it doesn't bother me at all because I have to believe God is there with me in every steps I take. After couple of weeks, I have met such beautiful, diverse friends and again, I feel blessed. They open my mind to a whole new perspective in life. Like, who talks about war history in an ice-cream shop? And development of drugs when eating Nandos? Always a heavy conversation with them but that's where your knowledge starts to increase and expand.

And again, I have celebrated my birthday with so much joy thanks to my circle of friends with generous gestures and kind hearts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

So that's how my 20-years-old journey ended and my 21-years-old journey begins. Thus, I wanna share with you a phrase I live up to when I am having the hardest time in my life and going through tough challenges:
MashaAllah, this post totally true  I really hope the best ending for all of this hard time ❤ it is all just a stone so that I would jump high and get my best soon  InshyaAllah
Til next time!

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